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Monday, February 27, 2006

Where did all my friends go?

The trouble (and joy) with having a partner who works so many hours, hits the gym 3 times a week and has family commitments too is that I am left with many hours free to entertain myself. Usually weekends are filled with a steady swing through the social branches of the old friendship tree, coffee with someone here, lunch there, a little shopping or maybe some gossip over yet more coffee. This weekend was one of those weekends where everyone else seemed to be away, Spain, Greece, Cornwall, Cousin's birthday, training course - so what is a man to do.

DIY tasks kept me entertained for about 20 minutes, the Scottish humbling of the English rugby beef distracted me a while. The thought of going to the gym was enough, almost like a full work out in itself. So I thought that I would behave in the usual manner, go to the usual places but do it this time alone! This city of 7 million people must offer distraction to those that seek it. Of course I wasn't alone for long, I met up with a lovely friend (new) at a coffee shop and after an hour or so talking about family, his twin brother, arguing with his mother etc. we parted company with a firm hug and a promise to get together again. The boyf was home and asleep on the sofa before 7:30, the familiar sounds of slightly heavy breathing a comfort rather than an annoyance. Sadly we missed the film we had planned to see - but he needed the rest poor love.

Sunday morning came; the usual gang being away didn't stop me from venturing to Columbia road. An attractive shop boy who is usually very cool and distant greeted me with a wave and a smile from the window. I enjoyed my coffee reading the paper and was heading back to the car when I bumped into an old friend, also passing his time alone. More caffeine consumed, more chat and more warm goodbyes followed. Returning to the car I saw a shop that had until now gone unnoticed, a positive Aladin's cave of fancy goods (must take the gang there). I resisted all but one of their tempting offers, taking home a charming if not a little camp stick stand. A whiz up to Stoke Newington for a walk and a late lunch with Luciano before heading home for snooze. Dinner with the boyf's family rounded off a gentle and comforting weekend.

Bugger - didn't do the DIY tasks on the list - ah well, there is always next weekend.


Blogger johnflood said...

I miss Columbia Road! I'm determined to get there this Sunday. See you perhaps?

4:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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