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Monday, March 27, 2006

Next time call a Left handed Electrician

This weekend saw me tackle a job that has been staring at me for months - a simple job of boxing in the pipes under the new boiler and moving 1 double socket, 1 boiler switch and a timer so that they are mounted on the box. Now I have a degree in Electrical engineering so moving a few bits was well within my ability - IN THEORY. Just to be on the safe side I called in a friend - with Electrics you can never be too safe :-0 The friend in question is equally qualified on paper and has the added advantage of 10 years of experience working as an engineer with the BBC. So between us we are well qualified to attempt this minor task.

As you can imagine, all started well, cut the boxing to size, mark out the holes for the socket housings use the drill to make a hole for the hack saw to fit through .... all going well so far. Did I mention that the boxing was in the far left corner of the kitchen, underneath some overhead cupboards - important info for later :-)

To cut the holes for the housings I used a tried and trusted method - a cheap electric saw and the wood balanced on top of the tool box with my friends foot used as a clamp. Sadly the blade of the cheap saw was as soft as butter and bent so much that the resulting holes were a little less than perfect - a bit of hacking and bodging with and eventually the boxes fit the holes. (I am still taking the splinters from my hands!)

The wires were ready to slip through the holes and a ten minute job of wiring them up as per the diagram was ahead. Did I mention that the whole job was far under the cupboards on the left - not enough room for 2 and in the most bloody awkward place for a right handed person to work in. I will spare you the whole story of wires not being long enough, not enough room to see what we were doing, wires not wanting to stay attached to the plug, a little swearing, one screwdriver too big, one too small etc etc. We did have a nice coffee and a nata (very sweet custard tart) from the local cafe when we needed a DIY shop break and then a few hot cross buns when our energy was low. The job almost finished we hit the Chinese take away and treated ourselves to a beer.

Without the support and help of my friend the job would still be sitting waiting - now it is finished I can finish the tiles :-) BUT I think that we would have both have been happy to pay for a left handed Electrician to come over and do the whole thing in 30 minutes while we watched the Rugby :-)


Blogger HandyExperts said...

Wow, you could turn that into a scene for a TV sitcom. Next time, sit down and enjoy the rugby, safe in the knowledge that you have found an electrician in your local area.

10:59 AM  
Blogger Caz Mockett said...

Now that FakeBob has all this time on his newly-"retired" hands, is he going to make any new pronouncements?

RMG has been wittering away quite a lot of late, but I'm not sure anyone (much) is listening!

3:43 PM  
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